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 Are you creative, exceptionally talented, passionate and a driven fashion designer ?  Apply now to be showcased on iStyler .

If you are -

  1. Experienced designing for high fashion design houses
  2. Experienced and passionate in designing elegant contemporary and evening/cocktail wear for women
  3. Experienced in designing and selling for American and or European markets
  4. Well-versed in technical aspects of design
  5. Have strong sample-making and fit experience
  6. Able to creatively infuse global design nuances into unique contemporary styles at moderate price points

What are you waiting for ??  Come on over, and let the world see your talent and become your fan, on iStyler – the platform for world’s first open-source fashion house!

The process is easy as a click, all you need to do is submit your design portfolio and resume (CV) to iStyler@zentrend.com .

If selected, you will be asked to submit the next season's styles for consideration.

  Want to participate in the forefront of fashion design innovation on the Web? Drop us a line at iStyler@zentrend.com .